Toccomagico’s success story would have been very different if the company had not been deeply committed to its Research and Development Department, creating a laboratory that has contributed for over 70 years for product innovation and for the quality control of each formulation, being the only centre for cosmetic chemistry within the GRA.

Innovation, Research, Science and Environmental Sustainability. These principles yield products based on superior formulations and on continuous quality control, which takes place in several stages of production, leading to excellent results and maximum performance.

“Our goal is to ensure the excellence of the product to hairdressers, to our most demanding customers who want a safe and effective product both for them and for their clients.”

Marco Stratti, Pharmaceutical Chemist

Team: Three young chemists with different backgrounds, an Industrial Chemist, a Pharmaceutical Chemist and an Organic Chemist, are the lifeblood of the Laboratory.

Raw Material: More than 700 raw materials (sourced from 50 certified suppliers) are the basis of Toccomagico formulations. After being purchased, raw materials are subjected to a thorough study to determine their efficiency and safety using the documentation (safety data sheet with 16 items) sent by the suppliers of each component. Most of the ingredients are natural, organic and eco-certified, with their environmental sustainability being assured.

Formulation: Formulas are subjected to international legal approval and are constantly monitored so they can meet any legal changes. Production processes have been developed in a manner that respects the integrity of ingredients to guarantee their effectiveness. Once approved in a laboratory, the formula is tested under the constant supervision of chemists in our school, the FMS High School Academy. When this process is completed, the formula is evaluated by external technicians, and with excellence always in mind, the laboratory carries out any change that may be necessary.

Research and Development: Marketing suggests the latest trends. Technical personnel must find solutions, understand the needs and turn ideas into products. The joint work of these resources assures an efficient result and allows us to create both simple products and the most complex and articulated product ranges for each of our customers.

“The research phase is the one that entices me the most. Each request represents a new challenge, and we seek to improve our products every single day. This is the creative moment by definition.”

Francesca Di Bartolomeo, Organic Chemist


Quality Control: It takes place in different stages of production. For a product to reach the market, it is necessary to check a set of parameters: physical and chemical (pH and specific weight), organic (colour and smell) and microbiological (total content of bacteria). After the mixture is ready, a stability test is carried out to assure compliance with physical and biological safety standards.