Fms Academy

The FMS Academy is completely devoted to those who desire to improve their own level and to anticipate trends. Training has always been the cornerstone of Toccomagico, which for over 75 years has not lost sight of the central figure of its success: the hairdresser.

The Multipurpose Centre is designed for technical, stylistic and organisational training for all Toccomagico customers, for the most promising young hairdressers and for all of those who wish to improve their technical skills.

Today, thanks to the Educational Academy training program, you can attend more courses taught by professional hairdressers. Therefore, young students can be trained according to the latest trends, without ever neglecting environmental sustainability. The FMS Academy also provides training to industry professionals: specialised courses taught by experts on different dates throughout the country (link).

With its elegance and technology, the Academy is located inside the organisation, at the heart of the business project, where the ideas that we turn into products and services are born.

Growth and training are the pillars that allow us to meet market demand and attain our most important goals. This is how Toccomagico builds the road to the future.

Do you want to build yours?