We thank you for being present to the most clamorous international fashion event:

It has been a wonderful experience which gave us two unforgettable days, where passion for your work has been expressed at maximum levels in the backstage.
There have been moments of great satisfaction; to see how much work, dedication and professionalism have been dedicated in order that models where even more beautiful during the fashion show and the presence of each of you has made the difference.
Another goal enriches our common professional experience, and we would like to thank each of you one by one.

From Italy
• Salon Dany owner Donato Colangelo
• Salon Pretty Woman owner Immacolata Belardi
From the U.S.A.
From Erika Cole Salon on Long Island
• Cassandra Levine
• Suzy D’alba

From Mancuso Salon in New Jersey
• Jacque Cox
• Mary Mancuso

From Salon Brielle on Long Island
• Monique Young
• Jenna Benenati

From Paragon Salon on Long Island
• Aimee Lincoln
Tocco Magico Academy in New York
A special thank you goes to our American team:
Tocco Magico Academy in New York, which has contributed to the achieve the glamour international atmosphere which identifies the professional people of the Big Apple.
A particular thank you goes to
Federico Calce
Marco Calce

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